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Transform your backyard into a creative space by hiring top backyard office constructors. We provide best quality material with exceptional service with low cost.

Free consultation by backyard office company

Initial stage to build anything is consultation. We see you at your property and really get an insight into what you want to achieve with your project, challenges you want to solve and money/time limits so we can offer a design solution that is in line with your unique project.

We are committed to the full scheme of the phase.

There are two phases in the design, the first being the scheme-design phase. Following the design stage, a building plans/permit plans phase is planned in which submissions are completed in all areas needing building plans, engineering plans or urban permit plans.

This second phase is entirely dependent upon the final scope established during the first scheme design phase and, as such, is individually cited as the step after scheme design.

The proposal and design deposit we receive from you is signed and we go to work!

Your schematic Design has been created for the nine-week period of 2-4 weeks

Our creative energies begin to fluctuate here! Everything begins with measuring and designing your prevailing property in our 2D design programmer, AutoCAD, to create a design base sheet.

In this context, we are compiling an initial design plan based upon all the ideas, requirements and financial restrictions outlined during the Initial Consultation on Design.

We take this initial design scheme, sit down and massage the design layout to match your design, functionality and budget needs precisely. Normally, after the initial session, we just need minimal modifications on the head, around 90% of the time.

However, our goal is to present you with a design, and we will make changes to it.

Some designers need to “leave their stamp” and sadly make their customers adapt to their, but we are not working that way. After all, for years to come, you are the one who will live in and enjoy your yard.

With this ultimate arrangement in mind, we describe all vegetation, landscape illumination and difficulty finish, with all tangible samples to let you experience. We support the development phase of the development phase.

If any of the areas covered in the scheme design require construction plans, structural engineering, urban permit plans / plan approval check, then we will price you for the specific work needed in this respect.

Some sorts of scope may be as follows:

  • Decking
  • Structures of Trellis
  • Islands of barbecue
  • Functional Water/Fire
  • Hard painting features involved.

Backyard contractor have exact marching orders with the whole scheme design, construction plans and permit plan check approval (if necessary).

Therefore, backyard contractor can offer you a very precise installation offer to reduce unplanned project expenditures.

The more detailed your project, budget and timetable are designed and planned, and the lower glasses of wine you have to drink to make your project a reality.

The “easy way” is so prevalent in the industry and the standard design and planning processes can be abbreviated, but then you, as homeowner, will receive a flush “padded” bid to cover the lack of detailed planning, or we will receive a repeated list of order changes to cover factors not planned for you.

As the homeowners, Backyard rental Service Company do not want it, and we do not believe you either.

You have to hand a completed yard and walk away a lot more. Now you have a living, respiratory body that needs special attention to maintain health and prosperity for the next few years.

Backyard rental service company like to conduct a thorough job of “passing the torch,” so that you and your countryside maintenance provider are sure to take care of your new yard and continue to make your pleasure even greater.