Online Best Investigators Manchester

Online private investigator in Manchester UK is playing a vital role in today’s society. We here at I-Spy are not only responsible for investigating the affairs or fraud in the banking as well as insurance departments but along with this we also arrange for the proof of cohabitation between the two lovers who aren’t married but are loving together. As we know that with young love a lot can happen over time i.e. kids tend to fall in love with each other goof around but ultimately their love fades away so although this is just not a good thing but along with this fraud are also taken place i.e. a girl or a boy tries to capture the other in his/her love and then file a cohabitation agreement which the other one signed in the bloom of love and after some time the person who is doing a fraud tends to break-up and according to the cohabitation agreement charges a lot of money from the other but this can be stopped by proving that the other one was just in a relationship for the sake of money and all.

We urge you that if something like this is happening with you or has happened with you then call Online private investigator in Manchester UK by the name of the I-Spy agency. We tend to file a 3 weeks annulment agreement in the court of justice i.e. if we can prove that the other one was in the relationship for the sake of money then the victim won’t have to pay anything to the other person whether he is a boy or a girl.

We do 3 weeks surveillance of the accuser and after that, we turn in the official report and if it is against the accuser then our documents are so much solid that they can be presented in the court of justice as evidence which will for sure turn the game in favor of the victim. Don’t you worry about how we will do this? We have the best spies in the area and all of them are ex-military having years of experience under their belts and besides this, we have the best gadgets in the country and also we have fully loaded surveillance van to follow the accuser 24/7 every day around the clock for 3 weeks without getting him conscious about us.


  • We do private investigations i.e. any individual can hire us to conduct his search against someone.
  • Corporate investigations are our specialty as we have been in the field for quite a long time so we know what it takes to get the fraud one exposed.
  • We provide the role of solicitors for both parties so that they can resolve their problems peacefully.
  • We have also services to recover data i.e. whatever the type it may be.
  • If you think that someone is lying then we have the polygraph tests for them to check whether they are telling the truth or not.
  • We also have resources to get the data out of the phone apps as well as PCs.

So, in short, we are your solution to every problem. When you find yourself in one then please call us, for your assistance.