Greensboro Botanical Gardens

Greensboro Botanical Gardens is home to hundreds of different native species of plants. This facility houses three separate gardens, both open and one which is enclosed.

It’s a wonderful way to experience what it’s like to grow your very own plants since each garden contains a different focus and is definitely rewarding. If you love plants then you definitely want to check out Greensboro Botanical Gardens.

The main focus of this location is on the science aspect and several different types of exhibits to help you learn more about how everything works.

They also have several natural habitats for different animals and birds, which contain a variety of plants and animals as well. All of the gardens have an educational feel and are designed to teach you in a fun and interesting manner.

All of the gardens have their own unique theme which has several locations. For example, one is devoted to butterflies and provides several different butterfly species as well as numerous plants and flowers that attract various species.

There are several nature walks located throughout the grounds as well. All of the gardens also feature several different kinds of displays, which include several live or artificial species, seasonal displays, and even a variety of landscapes.

The Botanical Garden of Greensboro Botanical Gardens also features the Audubon Society, which provides many activities for children and adults.

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