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Real estate agencies provide opportunities to sell and buy property but they don’t offer a specific time in which your house will be sold. We buy Milwaukee homes for cash and we are the most trusted platform to sell houses.

What house owners expect from us?

Selling a house via real estate agents cannot be smooth. We can provide you a long list of options that will support our saying. Milwaukee House Solutions platform is buying houses in the area for many years. We offer much better services than real estate agencies. Let us tell you some of the differences between our working and real estate agencies’ working procedures.

Milwaukee House Solutions

  • We are direct house buyers. You can sell your house to us.
  • We do not charge a fee.
  • We only collect house seller’s general information means less and precise documentation.
  • No document circulation.
  • No irritating house showings.
  • We do not bound you to sell your house to us.
  • We finalize the deal in the time that best suits the house owner.
  • House seller will receive the money within seven working days,
  • Payment in cash form or bank cheque.
  • No commission deduction.
  • Full payment at the time.
  • House seller does not pay to close.

Real Estate Agencies

  • Estate agencies act as an outsider (third-party). They are just a platform where house sellers and buyers meet.
  • Real estate agencies charge you a fee because they have to run a big setup and they manage their expenses by the fee.
  • Lengthy documentation to collect necessary details of both seller and buyer parties.
  • Documents circulation from the seller to agent to buyer and vice versa.
  • Unplanned house showings to buyer party.
  • House sellers are bounded as they had paid fee.
  • No fixed time for house selling.
  • As there is no fixed time, hence the payment.
  • Mostly bank transactions as payment method.
  • % commission deduction from payment.
  • One-time payment or payment in installments.
  • Seller pays partial closing.

Now, every house owner can understand that why selling a house via an agent is complex. People prefer us to sell their houses in Milwaukee and its surroundings.

We Buy Milwaukee Homes for Cash

We offer the fastest way of delivering cash and that is the cash payment. House sellers can use money at the very next moment to fulfill his/her needs.

With our guidance and services, selling a house is not a problem anymore. We have hundreds of satisfied and happy clients. WE offer full freedom whether to sell the house to us or not. It’s the house seller’s call to make a deal. Whatever the decision is, we appreciate it.

Are you a Cheesehead and want to sell the house? Contact us. Moreover, we guide house owners on how to override problems that they might face i.e., foreclosure, mortgaged property, etc. Get a quote and if you find it interested, contact us for further dealings.